Herrenhausen Poster: Historians and Web Archives

I meant to post this earlier, but the winter holiday interfered and I decided to actually take a week and a half away from work. This was the poster that accompanied the lightning talk that I gave at the Herrenhausen Digital Humanities conference in Germany, which has already been posted on my blog. Giving a poster was a completely new experience for me, but it was extremely useful in distilling down my thoughts and experimenting with a new format.

If you have any questions about this, as always, don’t hesitate to touch base with me. Hat tip to Timothy Bristow who provided design work on the poster, and to the receptive audience that gave me some fantastic ideas for future work on this project.


2 thoughts on “Herrenhausen Poster: Historians and Web Archives

  1. […] J’ai déjà à plusieurs reprises insisté sur les possibilités, mais aussi les biais, induits par la mise en données de l’histoire, notamment à la lecture de Tim Hitchcock [1]. Ian Milligan est professeur assistant au département d’histoire de l’université canadienne de Waterloo. C’est un historien numérique reconnu, qui s’intéresse notamment aux changements méthodologiques induits en histoire par l’ère numérique. Vous pouvez, par exemple, lire son poster Rethinking the archival box. […]

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