An Aside: Blog Post Picked up in Condensed Format by Nature

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 5.52.32 PMPut this in the “another reason why it’s good to blog” pile. My blog post from last month, which argued that Yahoo! Messages was consciously destroying a fifteen-year swath of history, led Nature magazine to ask if I would submit it in condensed format to their Correspondence section (behind a paywall, unfortunately, but you’ll be able to read it if you’re on an institutional IP connection). Click here to view it.

I submitted it, and after further pruning by their staff (an aside to this aside: great editorial staff, from the contact people to the copy editors), a very short version appeared in today’s issue.

It’s almost certainly the shortest thing I’ve ever written, but I like to think that it’ll get some readers and hopefully encourage more  researchers to hop on the digital preservation bandwagon.

Thanks to all my readers who reblogged and retweeted my earlier post, which helped spread it around the Internet.

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