“Does History Matter?” A Piece in the Literary Review of Canada

I’ve written an essay on “Does History Matter?” for the May 2014 Literary Review of Canada, which uses Canadians and their Pasts (written by the Pasts Collective) as a springboard to question whether or not Canadians are facing a problem of ‘historical illiteracy.’ At the risk of spoiling the actual essay: I think this is a largely trumped up problem, but time will tell as we get more data along the masterful lines of Canadians and their Pasts.

It was a fun piece to write. Unfortunately, it is not yet online (have to sell those magazines somehow), but it’s a beautiful product and a fun magazine, so check it out if you have the time.

I really like writing book reviews, so hopefully I have enough book review karma stocked up when my own book – Rebel Youth – comes out next month.

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