Getting Gephi Running on OS X Mavericks

Network of Texan Correspondence, a Historian's Macroscope Example.
Network of Texan Correspondence, a Historian’s Macroscope Example.

I’ve been using Gephi as I playtest through one of our final drafts of the Historian’s Macroscope – which has returned me to face one of my old nemesis.

Just because this has been a constant pain in the you know what, I wanted to post how I got it working in case it helps a fellow DHer. I suspect it’s a conflict with my JDK, as I know folks have trouble if they’ve been playing with MALLET and then switching over to Gephi. Anyways, it’s been constantly hanging (on the data laboratory screen), but only today did I actually force myself to fix it.

Open up /applications/ On the command line, you can just run that with vim, or you can navigate to it yourself and open it up with your regular text editor.

[edited to add: Jonathan Goodwin pointed out that vim is kinda hard to learn – what I would recommend would be either: (a) use your ‘finder’ to go to the ‘’ icon in your ‘application folder,’ right click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ and then navigate from there, and then open up ‘Gephi.conf’ in your TextEdit program; or (b) use the command line to navigate to it, and again, if you don’t use vim just type open . and you’ll get a finder window there. Good luck!]

Under the line:

# default location of JDK/JRE, can be overridden by using --jdkhome switch

replace the existing value with:


Hat-tip to the Gephi forums for this.

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