Short Interview on CBC’s The Current on Historians and Big Data

IMG_20141001_095116I did a short interview on CBC Radio’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, which aired this morning. I was responding to some of the utopian arguments made by Christian Rudder’s book Dataclysm, noting that while the historical record is going to be enriched by digital sources, we’ve got to consider issues of access, preservation, and funding. I was nervous, but I think I got my main points across pretty decently.

The talk is available here: “Historians want Canada to give them access to Big Data.”

It was a fantastic experience, and it really did get me thinking about how it would be rewarding to build the capital to get website legal deposit in Canada — or at the very least, to get the preservation of digital resources a little bit more on the table. Maybe I’ll try my hand at some popular writing.

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