Rebel Youth Shortlisted for the Macdonald Prize

3015.01 Milligan 4ppWhile this blog has mostly been focusing on some of my new work lately, my first book – which grew out of my doctoral dissertation and which was published last summer – has been getting some good early positive buzz.

Most importantly, I learned on Wednesday that my book Rebel Youth: 1960s Labour Unrest, Young Workers, and New Leftists in English Canada was shortlisted for the Sir John A Macdonald Prize, which is given to the best book of Canadian historical non-fiction. You can read about it (and the four other books that made the cut) here. I’m shocked and honoured to be in such esteemed company. The final results will be announced in early June at the Canadian Historical Association’s annual meeting. Hope to see some of you there.

Otherwise, the first few reviews have come in… and they’re positive so far (I know that this will change). BC Studies has a positive advance review up on their website. Blacklock’s Reporter was first out the gate in their review, writing: “Ian Milligan, professor of history at the University of Waterloo, corrects the record through meticulous research and interviews.” Briarpatch Magazine includes it in a review of three books from UBC Press, noting that the books serve as “important reminders that history is not easily bookended by the arbitrary markers of decades and is instead a living process that holds new discoveries for those willing to dig deeper and learn vital lessons for today’s struggles.” Finally, Choice Reviews Online has given it a “highly recommended” rating in their review, arguing that “[t]his clearly and accessibly written book is a wonderful contribution to the history of the turbulence of the 1960s.”

Forgive my horn tooting. We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled programming soon – and I actually have some pretty cool news to share with everybody in a few weeks (he says cryptically).

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