Two New SSHRC Grants: Web Archive Analysis Insight and Hackathon Connect

I’m really happy to pass along some great news from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada: two grants that we’ve been working on here at the University of Waterloo and nearby universities have been funded. I think they bring together a fantastic team of researchers and I can’t wait to see what emerges! This should really help keep the Web Archives for Historical Research Group going for the next five or six years.

SSHRC Insight Grant on Historical Use of Web Archives

With Nick Ruest (York University) and William J. Turkel (Western University) as incredible co-applicants, and myself as PI, we’ve received a five-year SSHRC Insight Grant for “A Longitudinal Analysis of the Canadian World Wide Web as a Historical Resource.” Totalling $257,541, it will complement the Ontario Early Researcher Award held at UW and is aimed towards similar project outcomes. If you want to learn more about the project, this early Ontario ERA press release did a good job of distilling some of what we do (or, really, just check out my blog).

Funding from this grant has already gone towards supporting, as well as graduate students employed at our various universities. We’ve got some great things in the pipeline, beginning with leveraging Canadian Archive-It collections, and hopefully ramping up towards much larger perspectives on Canadian social history.

This grant began in June 2015, but is only being announced now.

SSHRC Connection Grant on Hackathon: Stay Tuned!

This grant brings together a great team: Matthew Weber (Rutgers University), Jimmy Lin (University of Waterloo), Nathalie Casemajor (University of Québec in Outaouais), and Nicholas Worby (University of Toronto), and myself, to host a web archives hackathon at the University of Toronto, March 3rd – 5th 2016.  The SSHRC Connection program, which helps mobilize academic research, has awarded us $23,715 to make the event possible. We also have generous in-kind and cash funding from the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Rutgers University, the University of Québec in Outaouais, Library and Archives Canada, the Internet Archive, and Compute Canada.

Details are currently in preparation, but a community call will be out shortly with details on the scope, the availability of travel grants, and other exciting logistical things.

If you do computational work with web archives, stay tuned for more info – but do save the date.

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