On the Road: Some Upcoming Lectures and Talks

I’m on the road (probably a bit too much given that I’m back to teaching this term) and hopefully will have a chance to see some of you folks.

Sunday, January 24th (Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario): I’m giving a talk, “Preserving Digital History to Save Cultural History with Ian Milligan” at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery, 2pm – 3pm. Admission is free. Thanks to Annabelle Girard for the invitation.

Friday, January 29th (Copenhagen, Denmark): As part of the Society for Research in Contemporary History’s annual meeting, I’m presenting “Big Data and History: Seeing the Past through a Macroscope.” I suspect most of the people I know in Denmark will be there, but you never know. Thanks to Professor Nils Arne Sørensen for the generous invitation – it looks like a great day!

Friday, February 19th (Washington, DC): As part of the Georgetown Institute for Global History’s speaker series, I’m speaking on “The Digital Humanities and Born-Digital Sources: Web Archives, Tweets, and the Record of Today.” 5:00 PM, ICC 662. Thanks to Professor Dagomar Degroot for making this invitation possible!

Tuesday, March 8th (Philadelphia, PA): Nick Ruest, Jimmy Lin, and I have a paper at Code4Lib 2016: Enabling Access to Old WuTang Clan Fan Sites. I can’t wait to attend my first Code4Lib and geek out with library types!

Friday, March 11th (Saskatoon, SK): As part of the University of Saskatchewan’s Day of DH, I’ll be presenting. My title is still TBA but it will probably be something like “Web Archives and Tweets are Reshaping Today’s Historical Record.” Thanks to Jim Clifford and Jon Bath for their organizational efforts and magic!

Wednesday, April 13th to Friday, April 15th (Reykjavik, Iceland): I’ll at IIPC – including a paper with Matthew Weber on our Archives Unleashed hackathon, a workshop with Jimmy Lin and Nick Ruest on warcbase, and a paper with Nick Ruest on our #elxn42 twitter collecting. Stay tuned for my adventure with fermented, buried shark!

Afterwards, I’ll be at a few more conferences: DH 2016, CSDH 2016 (first time in Calgary!), JCDL 2016 (I’m on the program committee), and hopefully some workshops in London, England and Washington, DC (both TBA but should be exciting).

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