Awarded the CSDH/SCHN 2016 Outstanding Early Career Award

CSDH-SCHN-160The Canadian Society for Digital Humanities/Societé canadienne des humanités numériques announced the winner of their 2016 Outstanding Early Career Award… and it was me! They say lots of nice things in their award citation, available here in English and here in French.

I guess the only thing that occurred to me as I read the synopsis of my work (always fun to read an external take on what you do) is that so many of the recent projects showcased in the citation are team projects. I still do a fair bit of solo work, especially in the realm of historical scholarship, but collaborating is beginning to reshape my CV and approach to scholarship. From, which is the product of a deep cooperation with Nick Ruest, the University of Toronto Libraries, and the Internet Archive; to Warcbase, growing out of work with Jimmy Lin and a team of research assistants; to work on portal development with Nick and the University of Alberta, teamwork is at the heart of what I do these days. It sort of got kicked off with the amazing collaboration I did with Shawn Graham and Scott Weingart on the Historian’s Macroscope and has gone from there.

It’s cliche as far as awards acceptances go, but know that when I thank everybody at the plenary I’ll be giving at Congress in Calgary, it’s for real.

Collaboration isn’t just what makes this kind of research possible, it what makes me want to get up and do it every morning. Thanks everybody.

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