Web Scraping & Collaborative Digital History at AHA 2017

Another year, another wonderful trip down to the American Historical Association’s annual meeting – this time, down in stormbound yet beautiful Denver, Colorado. I had the pleasure of leading an intermediate session at the Getting Started in Digital History workshop, giving a paper at the conference, and also participating in the Digital Drop-In.

web-scraping-001Web Scraping Workshop

I led the web scraping workshop at the Getting Started in Digital History workshop. I’ve tried to make it as accessible as one can online: slides, links, and beyond are all online. If you’re curious about how to grab data online, what scraping resources there are, and how to work with social media, please do check it out.

All workshop resources can be found here.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-10-47-50-amCollaborative Digital History Presentation

I gave a paper on collaborative digital history, looking at how our team has been able to do what it has been able to do. I began by talking about our research project’s objectives (web archives and historical research), and then general thoughts on team work and how we’ve achieved success with two of our projects. It was a round table discussion so we had an incredible conversation afterwards.

You can find my slides here.

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