Web Archive Analysis Workshop

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.33.56 AM
You can follow along through the links in this presentation

I was recently out at Simon Fraser University with Nick Ruest, where we ran a “Twitter and Web Analysis at Scale” workshop. We had a great and hardy band of students (including librarians, graduate students, and faculty) who braved the uncharacteristic snow atop Burnaby Mountain to learn about all things web archives and social media. My sincerest thanks again to SFU for being such amazing hosts, and for their fantastic “Data Love-In” programming.


My role in the workshop primarily focused on how to use web archives: I introduced students to the Wayback Machine (from doing searches in it to learning about temporal violations and provenance), WebRecorder.io, and of course, the Archives Unleashed Toolkit. We ended up taking data from WebRecorder.io and running analysis with it in AUT which worked for the most part. The workshop then concluded with work in Gephi.

As part of this, I made an interactive presentation: feel free to explore it, click on the many, many hyperlinks that are part of it, and you can learn a bit about web archives. I hope I get the opportunity to run this workshop a few more times: it’s always nice to have some dividends from the amount of work putting these things together can be.

I think two of the last three times I’ve been in Vancouver I’ve brought snow with me from Ontario – sorry!

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