New Grant: “Continuing Education to Advance Web Archiving”

logoWe heard some exciting news yesterday! I’m part of an interdisciplinary team, led by Virginia Tech Libraries and Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science, and in collaboration with Los Alamos, Old Dominion University, Internet Archive, and George Washington University Libraries, that will be exploring “Continuing Education to Advance Web Archiving.” This was funded as part of the Institute of Museum and Library ServicesLaura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program.

The overall grant is valued at $248,451.00 USD, and here at the University of Waterloo we’ll be using $20,000 USD to support our efforts on the grant. In particular, this will help support a PhD Candidate and also some knowledge mobilization activities.

I can’t wait to see our grant vision be realized and to help assemble “a collection of educational resources, cyberinfrastructure for deploying tools to support the curriculum (including source code), and other related resources.”

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