With thanks to Steve Marti: his post “Canadiana in Context” was invaluable and inspirational for this example. I’m using this as an example of how one post (mine on JSON) can inspire much better work like Steve’s.

#! /bin/bash

# this requires JQ - you can install this by using HOMEBREW
# to install homebrew, visit http://brew.sh
# to install jq, type 'brew install jq'

pages=$(curl 'http://eco.canadiana.ca/search?q=montenegr*&field=&so=score&df=1914&dt=1918&fmt=json' | jq '.pages')

# this goes into the results and reads the value of 'pages' in each one of them.
# it then tells us how many pages we're going to have.

echo "Pages:"$pages

# this says 'for each one of these pages, download the 'key' value on each page'

for i in $(seq 1 $pages)
        curl 'http://eco.canadiana.ca/search/'${i}'?q=montenegr*&field=&so=score&df=1914&dt=1918&fmt=json' | jq '.docs[] | {key}' >> results.txt

# the next two lines take the results.txt file that is quite messy and clean it up. I'll try to explain what they all mean. Basically, tr deletes a given character - so we delete quotation marks "\"" (the slash tells the computer not to treat the quotation mark as a computer code, but as a quotation mark itself), to erase spaces, and to find the phrase "key:" and delete it too.

sed -e 's/\"key\": \"//g' results.txt | tr -d "\"" | tr -d "{" | tr -d "}" | tr -s " " | sed '/^\s*$/d' | tr -d ' ' > cleanlist.txt
# this adds a prefix and a suffix.

awk '$0="eco.canadiana.ca/view/"$0' cleanlist.txt| awk '{print $0 "/1?r=0&s=1&fmt=json&api_text=1"}' > urlstograb.txt

# then if we want we can take those URLs and output them all to a big text file for analysis.

wget -i urlstograb.txt -O output.txt

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