I’m teaching one course in Fall 2016. Syllabi are drafts until the first day of class.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.13.55 PM

Click on the slide for the syllabus.

HIST 250 is our required methods class for all history majors! We want to do three, hopefully non-hokey, things in this course.

  • First, the course explores the idea of history. Topics covered include: what is history? What isn’t history? What is the history of history? Why is it useful? What makes it different from or similar to other disciplines? What are the limits of historical enquiries? Is history a science? What is the relationship between past and present? What kinds of history are there?
  • Second, the course explores how we can think like historians. What is a primary source? What is a secondary source? This will help you build up a foundation of knowledge that will serve you well over the course of your future studies. In tutorial, we put all of this into practice through a series of workshops that will have you writing better, arguing better, avoiding pitfalls better, and finally, thinking more clearly about what it is we all do.
  • Finally, the course tries to make history fun. It is full of history majors for a reason, and it’s my hope that we can all share our passion for the topic with each other.

Syllabus available here.

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